Globalization, as part of which more and more transactions are being carried out across borders and there are more and more relocations and the creations of transnational company structures, has specific implications for companies and individuals.

Cross-border business brings taxpayers a complex range of tax obligations across countries, but it can also be a source of tax benefits. Our team of experienced consultants helps our clients manage the administrative burden associated with different tax regimes while creating solutions to optimize the tax burden on the client. We have a sensitive perception of the negative impacts of tax on the business activities of our clients and we are ready to offer them the most suitable alternatives, including using different international structures.

in the area of international taxation, we focus on:

  • International income taxation
  • Proposal of tax-efficient structures of business
  • Cross-border transformations of companies
  • Assistance in forming and acquiring foreign companies
  • Consultation in the field of double taxation
  • Permanent operations